Your commercial shop is your business center; it is a place where customers and visitor visit you. Whether you are a boutique owner, a modern up market salon, a supermarket or multi-brand store the right commercial shop with the right commercial space and the right location can make a huge impact on your business. How to decide how much commercial space you need Sometimes you really do not have an idea of the size of the commercial space you need for your business. Let’s try and break it up for you. If you are a supermarket selling grocery, cosmetics, beauty products, packed food items and lots more then you need a large commercial shop. Commercial shops for sale in Kolkata should be easy to access to all in-coming customers and therefore should be in the basement or on the ground floor. If you are dress designer and running your own boutique then you need a commercial shop that is easily accessible. If customers can easily reach your shop then that is a bonus. If you shop is located in a remote corner and people have a hard time finding your boutique then there are chances they might skip visiting your boutique next time. If you are a lawyer or a chartered accountant practicing your trade as a single person entity then you need a commercial shop that is about 200-300 square feet of space. This space is enough to seat yourself and any visitors that might come. If you are a well-established law firm or chartered account firm with employees working full time then you need office space in Kolkata accordingly. You will need an office space that has a rest room, pantry space, reception desk space, work station space for the employees and executive cabin space for the owner/s. If you are a multi-brand store selling sports shoes, sports apparels, sports accessories and merchandise then you need a commercial shop that is a commercial front store. The store can be located in a busy mall or located in commercial building offering uninterrupted view of the surroundings. If you are a salon then you need a space that is at least 500 to 1000 square feet. This depends on the number of customers you expect to visit you at peak hours. If you do not have enough space to service customers and there is a long waiting period then there are chances they might not visit you again. If you are enough space and are able to provide visitors with a good service then that argues well for your business. If today you have small operations and opt for small commercial shops for sale in Kolkata then do not fret over it much. Most businesses start small and as they grow they will move to larger commercial shops for sale in Kolkata. Do what is best for your business at that time and make sound business decisions.  
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