AbstractApplication of emerging digital technology (DT) is an attractive subject of research and is indispensable to the current goal of intelligent construction in many countries. Relevant studies have either focused on the status of a specific DT or proposed preliminary/qualitative comparisons among DTs. This paper provides a systematic understanding of research on applying DTs to the architecture, engineering, construction, and operation (AECO) industry using a mixed-review method. Ten emerging DTs are determined, and publications related to them in 2011–2020 are collected from the Scopus database. The overall status and comparisons of research on 10 emerging DTs by region, journal, and popularity are then presented. The content of research on them is examined through in-depth literature analysis (including research scenario, project stage, and literature evolution in a discipline) and theme classification. Future research directions including technology knowledge, development, application and management, and some practical implications for the country, industry, project, and enterprise, are finally proposed. This research will be informative for academics with regard to the emerging DT’s opportunities in this discipline and provide support for work on the digitization of the AECO industry.Practical ApplicationsSome practical implications are proposed from the perspectives of the country, industry, project, and enterprise. For the government, the holistic planning and scientific coordination of emerging DTs need to be highlighted, such as vigorously promoting Building Information Modelling (BIM) and artificial intelligence (AI) and utilizing them to further support the progress of blockchain and digital twin. Establishing demonstration projects to play their radiating roles and accelerate the inter-regional promotion of emerging DTs is also effective. For the industry, it is suggested to build technology alliances to jointly develop integrated platforms covering multiple emerging DTs through in-depth synergy; industry associations are advised to strengthen knowledge diffusion and accumulation for emerging DTs through sharing and training. For projects, applying emerging DTs to the entire life of projects and making them be deeply integrated with off-site, lean, and green construction are advisable. For enterprises, improving the workflow and management model adapted to the application of emerging DTs is necessary. Through adjusting organizational structure and transforming corporate culture, the competitiveness of enterprises could be continuously improved.

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