People have different ideas and preferences when choosing blinds and shutters in Sydney for their homes, in order to protect their privacy, have greater light and glare control, as well as for aesthetic purposes. While blinds and shutters are very popular, another type of window treatment that has remained a favorite among homeowners is curtains.

Curtains are very reasonably priced (subject to your personal choices in terms of fabric type, design style and accessories of course), as well as being very versatile and elegant. Depending on the fabric you choose you can have curtains with insulating properties, as well as a great light and privacy control.
So what are the trending curtain styles this year?
Transparent fabrics – Transparent or translucent fabric curtains are ideal for smaller rooms, as they let in more light and make a room seem airy and spacious. Some of the newer transparent fabrics used for curtains in Sydney are:
Veil, which gives brightness to a room and still allows sunlight through, while protecting from the glare.
Tulle, which has a very fine mesh texture and helps to control light better than other fabrics.
Blackout curtains – Many people these days prefer to protect their privacy, and with this in mind get blackout curtains, made from fabrics that are very thick and don’t let in the light, as well as providing maximum privacy for them. These types of curtains are ideal for bedrooms as they also have noise-cancelling properties, and you can experiment with a wide range of colours. Blackout fabrics also provide insulation from the cold and heat, due to the thickness of the fabric.
Linen and cotton fabrics – Natural looks are very much a trend these days, and the same is true when it comes to your curtains in Sydney as well. A lot of designers are using cotton fabrics for curtaining these days, because of its minimalist look and durability. These fabrics don’t fade easily and are very long-lasting. The beautiful texture of linen and cotton fabrics allow for a very ‘easy on the eye’ look and feel to a room, and these fabrics usually don’t come in very bright colours, but in cool natural tones.
Prints – Printed curtains have become popular for adding a bit of style to an otherwise dull, colourless room. With the right selection of colours and prints, you can make any room come alive. Prints are especially great for children’s rooms, kitchen and living room.
Prints of flora and fauna – While printed fabrics are an ever-popular style for curtains, natural prints of flora and fauna have a tendency to bring the great outdoors into your home. These prints are great for the living room and can add just the right splash of colour if your furnishings are a bit on the dull side. The only disadvantage, if you can call it that, is that the range of prints is very limited, hence matching and choosing needs to be done carefully.
Curtain accessories – The right accessories can add a touch of class and elegance to your curtains, as well as the room. Bronze or copper rings and rods, tassels and sashes etc are simple additions that can enhance the aesthetic element of your window coverings by leaps and bounds.
Colours – Certain colours are a trend when it comes to curtains in Sydney, especially those neutral tones such as white, beige and cream, which bring in a little bit of classic elegance to the room. Another trend in shades of blue which can be combined with natural tones, such as white or cream sheer curtains.
Curtains are a very practical type of window treatment, as they are:
Low cost.
Aesthetically pleasing.
Getting curtains in Sydney is very easy as there are many vendors out there who provide them, both customisable types as well as ready-made curtains. However, getting yourself a supplier who is well experienced in the field is very important, so that they can give you the right advice on what is best suited for you in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Many vendors offer design services free of charge when you use their services, which is very helpful, especially for new homeowners.

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