AbstractBecause conflicts are unavoidable in construction projects, resolving them constructively is essential. The purpose of this paper is to examine whether trust and conflict event criticality can affect conflict resolution behaviors, and, if so, how. This research proposes that trust and conflict event criticality influence conflict resolution behaviors mediated by prosocial motive and proself motive, respectively. An empirical study using 253 valid questionnaires was conducted to test the hypotheses. The results verify that trust has positive impacts on integrating, compromising, and obliging behaviors mediated by a prosocial motive, while conflict event criticality positively affects obliging and dominating behaviors via a proself motive. Regarding the direct effects, trust and conflict event criticality are positively associated with integrating behavior, while trust also has a negative effect on dominating behavior. This study highlights how trust and conflict event criticality affects conflict resolution behaviors and uncovers the underlying psychological mechanisms. This paper also provides implications for practitioners.

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