Jagruti Kothawade, an Interior Designer in Pune has been creating beautiful residential/commercial interior designs for homes and corporate offices for more than a decade.

Walls act as a great canvas for creative dcor ideas. How you use them makes all the difference between a monotonous living space and an impressively designed home. Blank and plain walls can easily ruin even the best of interiors, whereas quirky wall dcor accessories can bring life to even the most passive spaces. If you are looking for a change in appearance of your home or just designing a fresh living space, then you have just landed at the right place. We have got some really great ideas, which will help you dress up your blank walls and beautify your living space. Check out these unique ideas and try to incorporate them while designing your home.Pop of color never hurt anybodyThis is quite obvious, you must be thinking. But we are asking you to get creative and get wild. Don’t go for the safe colors like we usually do, instead experiment with the colors to spice up your dcor. Though the basic white and its variants are timeless classic and can create a beautiful dcor, but in order to wake up your walls, splashing it with colors is the way to go. As we said, a little pop of color never hurt anybody. A friendly advice, don’t go overboard with this idea. Choose the colors wisely!Quirky Wallpapers work well tooWallpapers are a safe bet. You can easily add some personality to your room with quirky wallpapers and stickers. Moreover they are easy to use too. You can go graphic or just stick with a classic; there are endless decorating possibilities when it comes to wall papers. You can even hang large maps or use foil or colored tapes to create a wall-paper like design in geometric shapes on the wall, all by yourself. Go on, Explore!Accessorize the wallsAccessorizing the wall is the most important part of designing the interiors. It is the easiest too. You can hang pictures of you and your family members in beautiful frames and a collage like pattern to cover up a bare wall. You can also exhibit a great art work on a blank wall. Sounds basic? Then go with unique objects like plates, hats, empty photo frames or vintage signs to create an unconventional focal point in the room. You can also go with honey comb shelving to dress up your walls and create additional storage as well.Eclectic displaysAmplify the dcor by adding a bookshelf or a side table. Deck them up nicely and you will get a modern look for your living space. You can also prop up a large mirror or use multiple small mirrors to create an eye-catching display. A large mirror will be your best bet if you are decorating a tighter space as it will trick into creating an instant, if not real, space.You can find plenty of ideas and accessories as well to implement the above mentioned ideas. You can even create some of them on your own. All you need is to put on your thinking hat and get creative. As we said, wall is your canvas!

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She has worked with established architects, international designing firms and handled turnkey projects independently, before establishing Jagruti Interior Design Studio in 2011 in Pune. Jagruti has been considered as the Best Interior Designer in Pune by her clients.

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