AbstractOnsite assembly is a critical stage for modular construction. Its success or failure depends on accurate information sharing among numerous stakeholders who, unfortunately, often possess unsynchronized information. Owing to its decentralized consensus mechanism, blockchain has the potential to improve information-sharing accuracy on construction sites. However, little research has documented how this can be done. Adopting a design science research (DSR) method, this study aimed to explore the use of blockchain technology to improve information-sharing accuracy in the onsite assembly of modular construction (OAMC). First, an OAMC business process analysis was conducted to understand the issues leading to information sharing, in particular its accuracy. Then, a blockchain-based conceptual model was developed. Its components, such as membership registration, information sharing-request, ordering service, consensus mechanism, and distributed storage, were described. Finally, a prototype system was developed and validated in a mock-up OAMC. The results show that the prototype system can improve the accuracy of information sharing in OAMC by allowing project participants to endorse information about the modules and their assembly through the blockchain’s consensus mechanism. This study explores and implements blockchain technology in a specific construction area. It can serve as a valuable reference for future endeavors in harnessing the power of blockchain technology, particularly for mobilizing information endorsement mechanisms for various value-added applications.

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