Virtual Surveyor is a user-friendly software designed for visualization and analysis of geospatial data obtained as a result of photogrammetric processing of aerial survey data. The program has been developed in Belgium since 2015 and sold in more than 60 countries. Users: Topcon, Dyno Nobel, Daewoo and others.

Working with the program is quite easy and does not require special skills. It allows you to quickly import an orthomosaic and elevation map (DTM), resulting in an interactive 3D environment for the user. The program allows in automatic or semi-automatic mode to remove artifacts, trees and other objects unnecessary for the calculation; quickly and accurately calculate the volumes of dumps and warehouses of products, select the construction of the sole or upload to a file in * .dxf format previously taken for reliable calculation of volumes; carry out the necessary measurements and calculations; determine the coordinates of objects; create and edit hillshade, contour lines; build a triangulation network in manual and automatic mode. The program has a convenient function for exporting data by calculated volumes. The results of the program’s work, depending on the tasks set, are a triangulation model, structural lines, DEM, 3D model. This data can be easily exported to CAD. The work in the program is clear, intuitive and simple. Suitable for a wide range of users, as it allows you to quickly and efficiently solve geodetic and mine surveying tasks.


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