If you have a basement, you need basement waterproofing. New Jersey contractors will be able to help you choose the best method for your property, as there could be a number of factors at play. It might not look like much is going on down there, but if you notice any kind of moisture – whether that be a puddle, a few drips, or the smell of dampness – you need to get an expert in. Whether you go for interior, exterior, or a quick sealant, at the heart of this process is the mechanics of taking the water from inside and getting it to the outside – and away from your property! Each method will be carried out in a slightly different way and will therefore have varying results and costs; but once we’ve gone over the basic facts of basement waterproofing, New Jersey residents will be confident in making the right decision for themselves. A Few Facts to Understand About Basement Waterproofing (New Jersey Expert Approved!) Do-it-yourself should be don’t do-it-yourself If you have any kind of water in your foundations, the last thing you want to do is try to fix it yourself. Without the right knowledge and experience, you can end up turning a small problem into a huge disaster. Always opt for a professional to handle your waterproofing worries. Good ventilation will not solve the problem Another mistake that many homeowners make when it comes to detecting dampness down below, is thinking that ventilation will fix the humidity. This is not a solution and, in some circumstances, it can actually make it worse. While opening the windows might seem like a good way to dry the place out, they can actually let more moisture in. Cool and dry is how a basement should be. Water problems are not as rare as you think When you look at the statistics, the likelihood of your need for basement waterproofing (New Jersey residents take note) is very high, with 98% of homes experiencing wet basements at least once over their lifetime. The chance of this increases if your home is older, as any existing drainage systems will probably be outdated. But new homes aren’t exempt; most will develop some kind of a leak within 10-15 years of being built. Exterior methods are always the best option It might take longer to install and cost more money, but exterior waterproofing is the closest thing you’ll get to a fool-proof method. It involves excavating part of the soil around your foundations and then sealing the exterior walls with a sealant. This means that any water that tries to enter your home from the bottom, will be diverted away and all crises are averted. These are just a few things to keep in mind when considering whether or not you need basement waterproofing. New Jersey experts will tell you that if you’re thinking about it, the answer is probably yes! Author Plate Nick Iskenian is a local resident of New Jersey and the owner and founder of Best Choice Waterproofing. The company provides effective, professional quality solutions for damp problems, carrying out foundation repairs and basement waterproofing, New Jersey. If your home is suffering from water seepage, mildew, damp, cracks, warping, paint peeling or a range of other issues, their highly trained field operators have the skills and experience to solve the problem.
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