Compared with solid wood logs, wood grain Aluminum Veneer has great advantages. Now in many public places, people tend to prefer this wood grain Aluminum Veneer decorative material. Let’s take a look. What is the difference between them? The wood grain aluminum veneer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. According to the size, shape and structure of the project site, the technology of CNC bending is adopted, and the Italian wood grain film is used on the surface of the fluorocarbon coating. A high-grade metal decoration material, after vacuum treatment, the wood grain film is transferred to the fluorocarbon coating of the aluminum veneer. 1. The appearance of wood grain aluminum panel is different from solid wood. The appearance of aluminum veneer is richer in patterns and its texture is clear, which can achieve realistic effects. 3D, 4d wood grain aluminum veneer Its appearance makes it completely indistinguishable from the naked eye. The wood grain aluminum veneer pattern is high-end and gorgeous, the color is realistic, the pattern is strong and wear-resistant, does not contain formaldehyde, is non-toxic, has no harmful gas release, and no longer needs to bring peculiar smell and physical damage to the decorative paint and glue. Worrying quality is the material of choice for high-end architectural decoration. However, for solid wood, the patterns usually possessed are very simple. Second, the difference in fire resistance We all know that solid wood has very poor fire resistance, and can not play a flame retardant role in the event of a fire, but for aluminum veneer products, it has good fire resistance and corrosion resistance Sex. The perforated aluminum veneer is light in weight, strong in strength, and corrosion resistant; the silver texture is beautiful and generous, easy to clean and maintain; it has high value retention, can be recycled and reused, and is environmentally friendly; it is convenient and quick to install and construct. First 3. Due to the need of environmental protection, the number of solid wood logs has dropped sharply. The state strictly prohibits deforestation. Moreover, the size of solid wood logs is unacceptable. Therefore, in terms of size, wood grain aluminum veneer has the advantage It is irreplaceable. The size of 2000mm*6000mm is beyond your reach. In short, wood grain aluminum plate has great advantages over solid wood decoration. In the future, when you choose decorative materials, you can also consider this aluminum veneer product more, which will satisfy users’ decorative ideas.
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