In recent years, Perforated aluminum veneers have different uses according to their quality and hole size. Users should design the size of the holes according to their own conditions and engineering needs. The punching rate of punched aluminum veneers determines The density of patterns on the board, too dense punching will cause the pressure resistance of the aluminum veneer to drop, and it is not easy to process, while too wide punching will cause unsightly and lack of artistic sense. Therefore, different aluminum perforated panel should be used in different occasions. Some people in the industry said that punched aluminum panels has light weight, good rigidity, high strength, good manufacturability, uniform coating, diverse colors, convenient installation and construction, fast, good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, it has been welcomed by many building materials manufacturers and users. With the development of my country’s building decoration industry, perforated wall panel is widely used in high-rise buildings due to its excellent corrosion resistance, strong UV resistance and fade resistance. At the same time, because of its rich color selection, metal The advantages of good gloss and strong impact resistance have become more and more popular among architectural decoration designers, and are widely used in suspended ceilings and walls for engineering decoration. However, users need to pay attention to the fact that, as a high-end decorative material, the production and processing levels of major domestic aluminum decorative panel manufacturers are quite different. Before ordering, everyone pays special attention to the inspection of the manufacturers to investigate their production capacity and scale. Project performance, etc., focus on its technical design capabilities. Don’t just look at the low price of aluminum veneer, but choose those small-scale processing factories. Not only will it bring greater difficulties to construction and management, but serious consequences may cause irreversible economic loss.
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