There are a number of different industries that require wastewater treatment. Company success depends on regulatory compliance, so there are few things as crucial as disposing of the contaminants from your effluent in a responsible and safe way. Doing it in this way means choosing a wastewater treatment company that knows the industry and has bags of experience. The services that an organisation can provide will depend on your needs and what sector you are in. There are a surprisingly high number of industries that require the cleansing of effluent as part of their day to day operations – from food and drink businesses through to pharmaceuticals and the automotive industry. Below we highlight some of the key things that trained professionals can provide that will make the process as smooth as possible. One of the main things you might want your wastewater treatment company to do for you is to install a new effluent treatment system or to refurbish your existing one to bring it up to standard. Handling the project management of the installation can make your life a lot easier and they should still give you complete oversight and control over the work that is being carried out. As well as ensuring that the plant and systems you have installed are up to standard, a wastewater treatment company can continue the maintenance of your system for the life of their use. This will involve a bespoke service depending on your systems and requirements, but they can help to ensure cost-effectiveness and reduce the chances of system failure. Proper maintenance can be especially important financially, as systems that aren’t working correctly – even if they carry out the required decontamination – may be wasteful and inefficient. Having experts on-site to help determine that things are working as they should could save you a lot of money. While the two points above are crucial aspects of what the organisation can do for you, they don’t get into the details of what services they actually provide. While this will vary depending on your needs, a wastewater treatment company can provide a number of technologies and systems, including: Settlement and filtration systems Membrane filtration Chemical treatments Removal of heavy metals Vacuum evaporation The service you require will depend on what materials your containments consist of. As well as providing the service itself, they can also advise on what service is right for you and ensure that the systems are set up appropriately so you can get on with running your operations. When engaging a firm to treat your industrial wastewater the most important thing is to know that they have lots of experience in the industry you work in – and have lots of good reviews. Their services should be tailored to your needs and their reputation should be very good. Working with a company that meets this criteria should give you peace of mind that the services they provide are of a really high standard, and will ensure regulatory compliance and a lessened environmental impact. Sean Clifford is an advisor at AllWater Technologies Ltd, a wholly independent wastewater treatment company providing consultation and equipment, including reverse osmosis water systems. Bringing together a host of experience and specialist knowledge, the company is committed to building and maintaining long-term relationships and creating maximum value and benefit for their customers.
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