Looking into buying a new house or apartment in Singapore? Is terraced house one of the options? There are so many options available to potential buyers or renters these days, since real estate agents and property developers have noted the need to have varied kinds of units to appeal to every kind of potential homeowner. One thing is for sure: one of the biggest considerations for people when they buy or rent a home is the amount of space they’re getting for the price. Nobody wants to live in a shoebox, so real estate developers have figured out ways to make their developments more attractive to potential homeowners. This is why, when buying a house, more people are looking for a terraced house in Singapore. Simply put, a terraced house in Singapore may also be known as a townhouse. This is where a row of houses that are mirror-image or similar in layout share side walls. Terraced housing is very popular all over the world, as they are relatively cheaper than regular suburban homes with big lots. They also make efficient use of space. Terraced homes are bigger than apartments, usually 2-3 floors high. Some new developments even have 4 floors to make room for an attic or extra bedrooms. Terraced housing in Singapore is a nod to the period of British colonial rule. As a result, most terraced homes in Singapore as well as in neighbouring Malaysia are largely influenced by British design. Terraced houses allow for more space and light to come through the house; air circulates better and there is none of the claustrophobic feeling. Some terraced houses even have small balconies or bay windows, to let even more air in—something incredibly important in a city with a tropical climate. Older terraced houses featured inner courtyards. Newer developments normally have either a roof deck, a small back yard garden or front porch. This is because terraced houses build up rather than out; it is easier for them to add more floors rather than extra garden space. Many old terraced houses in the city are something of a novelty, and have been turned into shops and restaurants. Newer developments on the outskirts of the city, however, are much more attuned to the taste of potential homeowners. These developments are usually modern in taste, spacious and airy, thus allowing for more room to decorate and design as the homeowner wishes. Living a bit outside of the city has it’s appeal—you’re close to the hustle and bustle but keep it at arms’ length when you need it to be. Therefore, living in a terraced house is a great way to combine both urban and suburban living into a comfortable lifestyle. It’s perfect for families, roommates, young couples and those who just want their own space. Happy house hunting!
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