What is Building Bye-Laws?

Building bye-laws is a legal tool used to regulate building coverage, height, area of construction, architectural designs to maintain the growth or orderly development of a place.

Why is Building Bye-Laws Necessary?

Building bye-laws are necessary to get the protection of any building against noise, fire, earthquakes, structural failures, and any hazardous activity. Many small and medium structures in India don’t have building bye-laws and constructed in the absence of any regulatory mechanism with excessive coverage and dangerous development cause the chaotic condition. 

General Information on Model Building Bye-Laws

TCPO prepares the Model Building Bye-Laws 2016 for Urban local bodies, State government, and Urban local authorities For regulating illegal activity. This is the improvement version of Model Building Bye-Laws 2004.

In 2003 Urban development ministry was regulating the Model building bye-laws because of the Bhuj earthquake 2001. And that is prepared by following points like structural system, rainwater harvesting, wastewater management, and solar heating, fire-resistant structure, etc.

This bye-law was given to all states, and wherein 22 states have taken a comprehensive revision of Model Building Bye-Laws 2004. The reason for the revision is as below:

  1. Swatch Bharat Mission
  2. Ease of doing Business
  3. New trending technology developments
  4. Environmental factors
  5. Most important is Safety and Security.

In 2015 Ministry of Urban development desires some addition and revision in Model Building Bye-Laws 2004 and they want to add norms of Roof solar installation, Additional building provision for construction in a hazardous prone area, barrier-free environment condition for old and children as well as for disables, the effect of radiation of electromagnetic in spaces.

Then after the Draft Model Building Bye-Laws 2016 to the Central government, Urban development ministry and corporation and different government local bodies and authorities. A national workshop based on the draft of Model Building Bye-Laws 2016 was organized on 18/02/2015, and the main objective of this workshop is to get comments and any suggestions that should be added in Model Building Bye-Laws 2016 and improve it. 110 participants of the seminar gave their suggestions and comments, and some of important that are mentioned below:

  1. Low-income housing norms.
  2. IS code by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) requires updation.
  3. Parking spaces for vehicles (Parking norms).
  4. High rise building standards.
  5. Green building standards.
  6. Building Plan approval for doing Business at the ease of level.
  7. Update the fire norms by considering the stairs and exit ways.

After that Review, a meeting was held by the chairman of the secretary (UD)  on 06/07/2015, wherein the joint secretary (UD) made a presentation on Model Building Bye-Laws 2016 by considering all comments and suggestions of the workshop.

The silent features of Model Building Bye-Laws 2016

  • Safety and security
  • Swatch Bharat Mission
  • Ease of doing Business
  • Barrier-free environment
  • Modern or Trendy construction technologies
  • Rainwater harvesting

From the below link, you can check all details regarding Model Building Bye-Laws 2016, and this PDF is updated by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, 2016.

Download Model Building Bye-Laws 2016 PDF.

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