Most people aren’t under the impression that they’ll ever need 24 hour AC repair services. Call it confidence or maybe a case of wishful thinking, but these folks are just able to full believe that they will move through life without a need to get their air conditioning looked for some reason at ASAP. If you happen to live in Texas AND you still feel this way, brother, that’s just asking for trouble! Temperatures in the summer regularly clear 100ºF in the shade. When the blast furnace of summer really kicks in, temps soar to nearly 120ºF in some parts of the state. What’s worse, it starts getting hot in the Lone Star State in about March & doesn’t let up until about November. Yeah, you heard that right. There’s no real sense of spring or fall during the year; just a big bunch of summer heat. This also means that air conditioners everywhere are working hard to keep thing feeling comfortable. Homes & businesses are pushing their ACs to the limit. With that kind of wear & tear, you’re definitely going to be needing 24 hour AC repair at some point. We all know that repair work can get pricey, though. So, the inevitable question remains — is there anything that can be done before calling 24 hour AC repair? Maybe a more relevant question is whether or not there’s anything that can be done to avoid the call altogether. While there’s no real avoiding the latter, there are a few things you can do regarding the former. For example, replace your filters. It may have been awhile since you changed them out. Doing so may actually allow your HVAC system to breathe & operate a little better. While you’re at it, do something as simple as checking your thermostat. If your thermostat is set TOO LOW, you may be causing the unit to freeze up. Bumping it up a few degrees might help get things moving again. Also, see if your thermostat is reading the correct room temperature. If it’s saying one thing but the room air is saying something else, your AC may be working harder than it needs to for no reason. Sticking with other simple things you can do as a homeowner, take advantage of the cooling properties your fans have. This is especially good if you have some cool air still in the house that you can circulate. Ceiling, oscillating, and box fans are great resources to have just in case. Also, the less heat you introduce into your home, the better any AC issues you’re having can be…at least temporarily. Try to refrain from using certain appliances & keep curtains drawn. Remember that through all this, you still are a consumer. Even if it is emergency repair work, you still want to ask questions so that you’re in the loop & know what’s what. Some FAQs include: What will be my total cost? Will this take all day/night? Do you have any guarantees/warrantees? Are you licensed & insured? Considering how jarring it can be to NEED 24 hour AC repair, being in the right frame-of-mind to ask these questions is asking a lot in & of itself. This is why it pays to work with a dependable, reputable, and well-established AC repair company BEFORE you have an emergency. Establishing a relationship with a local repair company by way of preventative maintenance work is a solid first step in staying ahead of the major headaches an air conditioner can throw at you. Don’t let 24 hour AC repair in central Texas get you down. Click here to connect with HVAC experts who’ve been taking care of the area since 1990.
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