It’s no secret that London is jam packed full of office space. From designers to financial institutions and from media organisations to charities, everyone is keen to place their headquarters in the capital and for good reason. London commercial property is like no where else in the world when it comes to quality and style. While London office space might always be in demand, it’s far from picturesque.

Rent London commercial real estate and you’ll more than likely find yourself staring out over the bleak city streets or over one of the many old and unattractive tube stations which are hanging around. Whatever your view from your capital location; it’s unlikely to be inspiring and will undoubtedly look just as dull in both summer and winter months. But there are locations around London which are far from uninspiring.

London has plenty of green spaces in the form of parks which needn’t just be reserved for summer picnics. There’s lots of commercial properties which can now be rented overlooking one of the capital’s many parks. Leasing office space in a great location like this is convenient for clients and the beautiful surroundings should help to inspire creativity.

SW1 office space can be taken out overlooking St James’ Park, while W2 offices can be taken out which have fantastic views of London’s Hyde Park. Other key green spaces with prominent office buildings nearby include Regent’s Park, Battersea Park and Green Park.

Key advantages to leasing office space near parks include great scenery, easy access and a place to entertain clients. The green spaces also provide a great environment for staff to take their lunch break and gives them the opportunity to get away from the stressful office environment.

So next time you’re considering renting office space in London why not consider a venue near one of the capital’s many parks? Affordable leasing and stylish buildings means it’s now more of a popular option than ever so you need to act quickly to make sure you don’t miss out!


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