Furniture is one of the subtle items in your home you don’t think about often. The only time you ever worry about it is when you have new pieces to add to your home. There comes a time where your furniture needs to go. Upgrading your home means selecting what to keep and letting go of pieces that don’t fit. What happens to the old furniture you have? Those old chairs and aged tables need to go somewhere before turning to waste. First, it is a hassle to lug around large items. Second, recycling is always encouraged in Sydney. If you are ever worried about where to give your old furniture items, many establishments in Sydney accept them. There are various organisations and acceptors of the furniture you want to donate. If you don’t have the time to do so, Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, a leading rubbish removal service in Sydney can do the job for you. They remove your furniture for you. Then, they find ways to make sure they don’t end up straight to the landfill. We know exactly where to donate your reusable furniture. City of Sydney’s pick up for bulky items The City of Sydney has a donation site for old unwanted furniture. Due to the city council’s constant initiatives for recycling, there are various waste types they accept. Luckily, old furniture is one of them. As the city aims for a Sustainable Sydney 2030, they have meticulous strategic plans that include waste recycling. You can participate in this effort and donate your old furniture. The council has free old furniture pickups that you can avail of. On your booking date, the council collects your old furniture. These are the items that the council allows for pickups: Tables, Chairs, sofas or lounges, Wardrobes, Bookshelves, Desks, Drawers, Cabinets, Wooden bedheads, Bed Frames, Bed slats and cots. Council pickups have their advantages and downsides with pickups. However, it offers a wide range of donation options for you. The old furniture still gives further use even though you want to get rid of it. You can dispose of your furniture with one pickup away. Charity organisations that accept old furniture The city council isn’t the only way you can send off your furniture. Many charities can find benefactors for your old furniture. Furniture donations then can hit two purposes: First, it serves as a solution for your furniture. Second, other people can still benefit from your old items. You never know who you are helping with these furniture donations. The Salvation Army Australia This organisation is a Christian movement that aims to give back to people who are in need. The Salvation Army Thrift Stores accept furniture and sell them to fund programs. The programs range from Youth Services to Homelessness Services for less fortunate people. Goodwill Op Shops The Goodwill Op Shops aim to help children with the most needs. They also have free pickup services for old furniture. Goodwill Op Shops aim to accept saleable furniture that helps fund their child advocacy programs. Habitat for Humanity Australia This housing organisation’s goal is to build and set up houses for those in need. As part of their housing advocacy, they offer furniture donations from Sydney. Their motto, “Through shelter, we empower” has provided tons of assistance to hundreds of families around the world. St. Vincent de Paul Refugee Support Services This charity, also known as Vinnies, gives help to refugees. They currently have several donation bin locations around Sydney where you can drop your old furniture. Several stores accept furniture. For store donations, inquire first for acceptance to prevent space and accommodation issues of your furniture. There are other organisations in Sydney that accept old furniture. Look them up around the area. This way, you can have accessible usable furniture disposal that also doubles as a donation to bigger causes.
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