People always love to decorate their house, and they usually go with plasters for outdoor walls. Plasters give a clean and complete look, but cladding walls with natural stones provokes a jaw-dropping look among passers-by. Cladding outdoor walls with natural stones like marble, granite, limestone and travertine will bring a majestic look and add value to the property, which will be a great deal for people who are planning for the resale. The Issue With Plasters: Most homeowners prefer choosing plasters, such as stucco, for their outdoor walls because of their price. Though the plasters come in a variety of decorative colours and designs, they can never match the look and durability of natural stones. There are many issues related to using plasters for exterior walls, such as it may easily fall apart if it is not mixed fast. If it’s not treated at the earliest, the water will penetrate and remain under the plaster causing it to expand vastly. Natural stone cladding will be the best option to protect your walls against extreme outdoor conditions. Stone Cladding Advantages: Stone Cladding with natural stones brings beauty and changes the entire look of appearance of a building or house. Natural stones come in various shapes, sizes and colours such as cream, beige, grey, white, black, etc. The beauty of using natural stones for cladding is that it brings the classic Mediterranean, Tuscan or Scandinavian touch to a house or building. Natural stones can be used in both the interior and exterior of a house, such as garden fountains, fireplaces, Japanese steps, etc. Installation is Easy and Low Upkeep Cost: Installing natural stone for cladding is also uncomplicated, where adhesives are used on both the natural stone and underlay so that it sticks to the wall for a prolonged period. Since most natural stones are porous, most homeowners have concerns about water penetration and removing stains. Natural stones are sealed well with sealers that protect against water penetration and stains. So people don’t have to worry about rain or stains on these natural stones, which can be cleaned or wiped easily. Cladding your walls with natural stones will be a good choice and is the best alternative when compared to plasters. If you are looking for professionals to help with indoor or outdoor flooring, contact Marbleplus. Our team of experts have vast experience in this field, and we can help choose the right natural stones for highlighting your house with beauty within the budget. When it comes to Stone Cladding in Sydney & Stone Cladding in Brisbane, A very popular feature piece design, stone cladding provides a rugged and interesting option for indoor and outdoor projects. Marble Plus® has been supplying stone cladding in Brisbane since 1987.
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