Home buying could sometimes be demanding and confusing. Even more so if you are trying to search for a green home. Definitely, there is a great market for green homes with considerable styles you can choose from. Here is a checklist for the green home of your dreams.

1. The first step is getting a good help. With the increase in eco-awareness and the energy prices soaring high, more and more people are concerned about things such as the quality of indoor air and energy efficiency in homes. When you screen prospective realtors, make sure to find out how much knowledge they have about home energy performance and other issues on environment that matters to you. If you need assistance in finding eco-friendly realtors, there are several sites that offer such services like the Modern Green Living and other green residential sites.

2. You can do your own search for a green home. You can tell just by looking around. You can check out the cooling and heating systems thoroughly and ensure that they are in good working condition and appropriately sized. Examine the windows and check if they are single or double paned and check if the doors if you feel a draft coming around the edges. Be alert on missing or inadequate insulation or signs of mold. You can hire a professional to do an energy audit to get good information. They use tools such as special fans to pressurize a house and infrared cameras for heat loss and determine if the home is energy efficient. This could help you find out if your potential house needs any costly efficiency upgrades.

3. Select your location with utmost care. Even if the countryside is more appealing to you, think about the commuting distances, nearby local facilities and your means of getting around. Look for a location where everything of your daily needs is within a half-mile radius. You can do an online search through Walk Score to locate parks, groceries, restaurants and other amenities and business within walking distance from your prospective home.

4. Another environmental factor to consider is the space. The smaller your living space, the lesser energy you need to light and heat it. The less spent on utilities also means more money to spend on things that you would enjoy. With careful and thoughtful interior design, you can make a beautiful living environment from surprisingly small spaces.

5. You could also make a do it yourself home improvements such as brushing a fresh coat of paints with low VOC paint. It is affordable and helps improve the quality of air. Look over paints, pipes and more so you can have a better idea of the changes you need to create a healthier greener home.

The most important thing is to make an inquiry before buying a home. While not all homes have all of the sustainable features listed, at least you will have a clearer picture of what the potential home has to offer you and your family. So, go ahead in your search for a green home, these homes are definitely healthy to the environment as well as to homeowners.

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